public art plaza

This petite urban public art plaza is located in Toronto, at the Ontario Provincial Forensic Services and Coroner’s Complex.  Completed in 2017, the project was a collaboration with Beites + Co. and Stephen Popovich Associates Inc., with Steven Beites completing the trillium flower sculpture design, visioning and production, and Kendall Flower completing plaza design, detailing, construction tendering and contract administration.

20170627_092615Custom CNC routed basalt stone pavers provide a permeable surface for storm water runoff to reach clear-stone retention and infiltration areas below.  Aggregate base layers of plaza and planting areas are interconnected, providing moisture to support native plant materials while facilitating overflow drainage.

The plaza was created within a constrained, existing hardscape.  Accessibility to the sculpture seating area and drainage were achieved through the grading design of the stepped planters and surrounding sloped walkways.  Material pallets and finishes were selected to compliment the existing surrounding landscape.