policy in the Georgian Bay UNESCO Biosphere Reserve

How do we reconcile the human use of Earth’s finite natural resources, including for economic vitality and protection of cultural values, with the protection, management, and conservation of the natural function of ecosystems surrounding those resources, in perpetuity for future generations?

The UNESCO Man and Biosphere Programme provides an approach to solving this question, which may well be the most complex and important engineering, design, biological and sociological problem of our time.

Pages from 151231 Land Use Governance in the GBBR - Kendall FlowerKendall worked with the Georgian Bay Land Trust and other organizations established within the local project area to complete an institutional analysis and recommendations report on land use governance in the Georgian Bay UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.

With this report completed in 2015, Kendall is now working with a collaborative, locally-based group of professionals and citizens, with the goal to secure a precedent setting new approach to environmental and land use policy and governance for the Georgian Bay UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.

You can order a print copy of the book at-cost here:

Order a Print Copy

Or download a free PDF version of the report here:

PDF Report Download

Or read the full report online here:

Read the Report Online

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